Sensor LED floodlight-backpack

LED floodlight with PIR.

This LED floodlight wih infrared can use it for outdoor for security.

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  • Sensor LED Flood Light



    •   Lumen:90-100 lumen/W

         Casing:die-casting almunium

         Driver: 85--265V,the diver has passed the lightning surge test.

          Beam angel:120°


         Casing:die casting Almunium

    •    lifetime:30000 hours

         colour temperturer:3000K,4000K,5700K,6500K

         Sensitivity Adjustment:You can adjust the Sensitive area from 5 meter to 12 meter.

         LUX Adjustment:You can chose what light level the floodlight will start working.

         Time Adjustment:You can adjust how long the flood light will stay on after the last motion has been detected.